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Custom Shelves Services Hampton NJ

Every home and office has a particular feature that looks unique from others. Having a shelf in every house and facility is mandatory to keep books, showpieces, and other items. Moreover, it adds to the property’s décor. For this purpose, we are providing the best and quality live edge custom shelves in Hampton, NJ, to give your property a unique look. Some people love to keep book collections and a frame to showcase them. They search for custom-designed racks to accommodate their needs and lifestyle. We customize live edge custom-sized shelves from floor to ceiling of any width to provide you maximum storage space.

Outsiders Carpentry LLC has years of experience serving New Jersey and surrounding communities with live edge custom shelves services in Hampton, NJ. Our prior knowledge and skills have made us one of the leading live-edge furniture contractors throughout the state. Our professional contractors have been with us for more than ten years and can meet customers’ needs and desires, ranging from wood slabs to custom shelves. We make sure to deliver satisfactory outcomes with our leading live-edge furniture services.

Free Estimate

As with most remodeling or renovation projects, we start by estimating the total cost of material and artistry required to do the job right. Next, one of our professionals will visit your place, and after understanding every aspect of your project, we will give you a detailed report and estimate for your project. Finally, after your approval, Outsiders Carpentry LLC will start working on your custom shelves project.

Our Wood Selection

Solid wood is usually sturdy and robust, and it may cause cracks or shrink in heat or humidity. So, we prefer MDF, which is a good choice and is composed of dried, pressed, recycled wood fibers that can stand the temperature changes. In addition, this type of wood acts as an excellent substrate for veneers. Contact us for inexpensive and reliable live-edge shelves creation services.

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